Inmate Programs

The Meherrin River Regional Jail offers several programs for the inmates at MRRJ. The Programs Department continuously seeks new programs and services to provide for the inmates, as well as focusing on improving our existing programs. Thanks to volunteers and donations from Brunswick, Mecklenburg, and Dinwiddie counties, we are able to provide our inmates access to programs like: bible study, law library, general library, special education programs, anger management, domestic violence, substance abuse classes, and a GED program.

  • Ministry: Life Transformers is a volunteer organization that provides a variety of services and activities to the inmates at Meherrin River Regional Jail. Life Transformers' mission is to help reduce the recidivism rates of our inmate population through one-on-one counseling, and by providing literature to help alleviate anxiety in the inmate's lives that can be caused by incarceration. They help ensure that all faith groups are treated equal with regard to diets, reading material, and worship beliefs. All of these services are granted as long as they fall within the accepted scope of security for the jail.

  • General Education Development Program: The GED program is offered to any inmates who do not have a high school diploma or equivalent certificate. Any inmate scoring a 5th grade level or higher on an academic assessment test (TABE) will be accepted into the program. Once accepted into the program, participants will begin working towards receiving their GED in Math, Reading, Social Studies, and Language.

  • Substance Abuse: All inmates incarcerated at Meherrin River Regional Jail are eligible to participate in the substance abuse program. This program is designed to provide education and support to inmates with drug and/or alcohol addictions. All of the facilitators for these groups have counseling experience and/or specific training.

  • Anger Management: A person's inability to control their anger is a common factor in crimes. Helping offenders understand anger and learn how to deal with anger will help reduce aggressive behavior after release. Anger management classes are held weekly over a six week period.

  • Life Skills: Inmates participate in group sessions which last six weeks and receive a certificate upon completion of the program. Employment, credit history, credit cards, budgeting, resume writing, and information on education and college are all items discussed to prepare inmates for their release back into the community.

To find out more about volunteer opportunities for any inmate programs, please contact our Programs Officer at extension 228