All correspondence from family and friends needs to be addressed as below (to ensure delivery, the envelope must include the following information):

Meherrin River Regional Jail VA
Inmate’s Name, Jacket Number
PO Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131


We do not accept money orders through the mail. All incoming mail and money orders for offenders will be returned to the sender with the exception of legal mail and books/subscriptions from a publisher.


Only legal mail, books, and subscriptions will be accepted at the address below.

Meherrin River Regional Jail
Inmate Name
PO Box 189
Alberta, VA 23821


Offenders at Meherrin River Regional Jail are encouraged to stay in touch with their friends and family. There is no limit on outgoing mail; however, outgoing mail will be marked with “Meherrin River Regional Jail Offender”. When you are sending a letter please include the offender’s name and housing assignment (if known).

All outgoing mail will be screened for contraband, for prevailing security reasons.

Offenders are not authorized to receive money orders by mail. Outside subscriptions to newspapers, magazines, or soft back books that come directly from a publisher are allowed but must be pre-approved by the Mail Officer prior to ordering. Only one (1) magazine or newspaper subscription is allowed at a time. Offenders can possess one (1) magazine and two (2) books from a publisher.

Questions concerning offender mail may be directed to our Mail Officer.

Offender Info