Offender Visitation

Offender Visitation

It is the policy of the Meherrin River Regional Jail to facilitate offender visitation with family, counsel, and clergy. All visitors must register an account using the following link: Getting Out (    |    Getting Out – Help Guide

All family and friend visits will be conducted over the tablets that have been added to each housing unit. Visiting hours have also been expanded and cover all housing units to include our special management units:

Sunday – Saturday
7:00 am – 10:40 am
12:10 pm – 4:10 pm
7:00 pm – 10:40 pm

Please see below for visitation rules. All rules may not be specifically stated on this website. The Visitation Officer will enforce all rules and policies to ensure the safety and security of the Jail.




    • Visitor and offender behavior will be monitored at all times. Any visitor displaying crude or disruptive behavior will have their visit suspended. If it is a tablet internet visit, the visit will be terminated immediately. At the Visitation Officer’s discretion, visitors may be permanently banned for excessive displays of such behavior. Your visit will be terminated and may be restricted for these violations.
    • Appropriate clothing is required for all visitors. Examples of inappropriate clothing include, but are not limited to: short, tight, revealing and/or transparent clothing and/or pajamas as outerwear. Proper undergarments are required. Clothing should have sleeves and not otherwise expose undergarments. No bra or undergarments showing. Shirts must have some sleeves (halter tops or spaghetti string straps are not allowed).
    • Offenders in Disciplinary Custody will not receive visits.
    • Taking pictures of any visit is strictly prohibited and can result in loss of visitation privileges.
    • No current or former employees of Meherrin River Regional Jail are allowed to visit offenders.
    • No previous offenders may visit for the first 90 days after being released.
    • No driving when conducting a visit (driver or as a passenger) while in a moving vehicle.
    • No cell phone use to show pictures, videos, third-party calling. (You may show pictures in a frame or print outs.)
    • No exposing of one self.
    • No alcohol or any drug paraphernalia.
    • Only one account per person allowed for visits. If any duplicate accounts are found they will be suspended.


Questions concerning offender visitation may be address to our Visitation Officer at extension 201

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