When booked into the jail, all offenders receive two (2) free five-minute telephone calls so they can call family, friends, attorney, etc. After those two calls have been made, money must be added to the offender’s account or family members can setup an AdvancePay (prepaid) account with ViaPath. Instructions are below.

Telephones are located in all housing areas for offender use and are available between 9am – 10:15pm each day unless the jail is on lockdown, emergency situations, or other times deemed necessary.

All calls are pre-paid debit or collect and subject to being monitored or recorded. Calls are limited to fifteen (15) minutes to allow all offenders to use the phone. Viapath provides all incarcerated individuals one (1) free phone call each week of up to five minutes regardless of financial situation. The Offender Telephone System does not allow incoming calls and will disconnect if an attempt is made to:
    • make a 3-way call
    • answer Call Waiting
    • put a call on hold
    • forward or transfer a call


Calls may also disconnect if you:

    • stop talking without hanging up
    • use a cordless telephone (static)
    • use a cell phone (dropped cell tower) – not eligible for refunds

Offender telephone service for Meherrin River Regional Jail is provided by ViaPath. Family and Friends may deposit money to an offender’s accountIt will be the offender’s responsibility to transfer the money from his or her main account to the phone account.

Additionally, family and friends may choose to setup a ViaPath Prepaid Account to receive calls from an offender. This can be done by:

Blocking Calls
If you wish to block offender calls, you can call (877) 650-4249 and request a block to your number. If you receive a call from an offender, you can press 9 to block the number. You will be prompted to select a four digit pin. You will need that PIN to unblock the number in the future.



Questions concerning offender telephones may be directed to our Offender Phone Representative at extension 244

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